The Village of Mingo Junction

Mayor, Ed Fithen | Village Administrator, Bob Smith

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Kyle Moffat
Chief Operator

Phone: 1.740.535.0222

     Kyle is under the direction of the Chief Operator and runs the Wastewater plant. Kyle Moffat has an EPA Class I Wastewater Operator's License and is EPA  Wet Chemistry Lab certified. 


The Wastewater Treatment Facility operates under the EOA Permit #OPD00010ID in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Ohio Revised Code Section 6111).

The Mingo Junction Wastewater Plan is under the jurisdiction of the Village Administrator, Bob Smith. 

Plant Operations

Monday - Friday
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Plant Phone: 1.740.535.0222


           The Village of Mingo Junction Wastewater Department is starting a public information and education program called FLUSH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!. The purpose of the program is to inform and educate the people in our city about the risks of using and flushing down toilets items that do not break down (non-dispersible items) when flushed down the toilet. Non-dispersible items clog toilets, household plumbing, and city sewer lines when flushed down the toilet, which can lead to serious illness, loss of personal belongings, property damage, and contamination of rivers, creeks, and streams. Some examples of non-dispersible items that people flush down a toilet are baby wipes, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and feminine use products. While many of these items claim to be flushable or safe for sewer and septic they will not break down like toilet paper when flushed down a toilet. The only things that should ever be flushed down a toilet are bodily fluids, feces, and toilet paper anything else may result in the clogging of household plumbing or the city’s sewer lines.

EPA Mandated Signage at our Biosolids Farm Site for the Wastewater Department.



The following signs have been posted by the Wastewater Department to warn citizens of possible sewage overflow during wet weather.

The sign at the Old Mingo Stadium is two-sided facing Cross Creek and the back side facing land from the creek.

The Mingo Marina Shelter House sign is facing the creek.

The Cross Creek sign is facing land at Marina Shelter House.



These locations are primarily based at the Mingo Marina Shelter House and the Cross Creek Bank near the entrance to the old Mingo Stadium. 

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed to the Wastewater Department.